We are a street style  store in the centre of Amsterdam, with a big selection of Supreme clothing, bags and accessories. 

But also shoes from Yeezy and limited editions from Nike.

Every week we will receive new items.

We offer a selection of our collection on this website, more items available in store.

All our items are 100% authentic and brand new, in store and online!

DAAD AMSTERDAM also brings a Merch collection, those items are also available on this website. 


The Name DAAD comes from the Dutch word DAADkrachtig,

the closes in english is the word decisive. Someone who acts decisively is someone who executes plans quickly and well.

Decisive originally means 'energetic' and full of work ethic.

That was exactly what was needed to start the store during the recession in 2009,

so that's how the name DAAD was born.